Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I miss you

The connotation of the expression or feeling or misgiving of missing my man has taken a paradigm shift as far as "i miss you " goes . Earlier, in those candy flossy days it meant -I wish you had been around ......and now a decade and a half later it means -If you had been around .
last week all the men ( one hubby and 2 sons) in my house went to watch FIFA club Football match and I was the self anointed queen in the house . don't ask me how I developed this feeling , it was the TV remote in one piece with all its channels to my disposal. so I did what any housewife worth her salt would do - plonk on a sofa and watch TV.It was a bit difficult to decide upon what to watch considering I have been a passive TV watcher for a long long time ,I finally settled down to watching SA RE Ga MA Pa and suddenly it occured to me I was alone , missing him .Now if he had been around , he would have watched news on NDTV or BBC or CNN during breaks and toggled between channels. so i did the same , i.e. try to watch 2-3 channels at a time .
the husband community firmly beleives that watching advertisements is a cognizable offence under IPC section ^@#$, so they keep changing the cahnnels , in the process the wife community has to miss on some part of their regular mentally nutritional stuff of cereals (ooops serials) and then they have to watch the repeat shows .
Anyway , here I was plonked on sofa watching News+Sa RE GA Ma.... enjoying(?) grave news from India like Ruchika case and Mattoo sahab's threat to Hockey team (BTW , why did not they make Mattoo sahab the CEO of AirIndia to deal with the pilots who fly between the two strikes ?He can do pretty neat job to threaten them rather than succumbing )and suffering the paralysing analysings of judges of the reality show following the songs.
I wanted to have a good time so I decided to quit watching TV and brought a bunch of Hara Dhania from fridge to clean and beleive me I had a ball of a time.

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