Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have got a job

The irony does not escape me that just when I thought I would call this blog a house wife's recluse I have landed with a job. A housewife-thats what I am for last 4 years ,and now I have a new job.
I have been doing a housewife's job for last 4 years .A job with no job descriptin .It includes finding socks for kids in the morning ,helping husband by tapping at the bathroom door and yelling "guy hurry up , u are getting late" ,on the intelligent side I occassionally read out technical specifications to husband over the phone when he has forgotten an important paper at home.
I have nobody to handover my housewifing to,I am sure nobody looks forward to swapping a job with a housewife.
I did not acknowledge it before but come to think of it .......I loved my stint as a housewife.oh!!! i am gonna miss all that what never mattered to me before. My walks which i forced myself to but once out they were pleasure, pleasure and pleasure. reading things, cooking stuff , Even watching mindless soaps was not that bad either.
I am suddenly worried about the half read books,the story I was to jot down which is simmering in my mind for so long, my baby blog, the movies which i though i would watch.but on the flip side I wil postpone house keeping for some other day and blame it to the new job and guess what !!!! this time there is no guilt.

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