Friday, April 20, 2012

Being Lucky

Dear lady luck,
( or are you Mr. Luck ? Though I would like to believe that you are a lady given your wonderful presence  and your ability to take 'criticism' in your stride and above all non complaining attitude). Of course there are scores of people who curse you and claim that they always have bad luck in life  yet  you continue with your acts with   nonchalance as per plan .But that's not the point here and I digress.

You and I have always been in  each others good books come what may .Even when I was tossed into a party where they all played HOUSIE with great frenzy as if it was some intellectual game which demanded highest order thinking skill  and  wherein  I  always ended up  waiting  for one last number to  be called with a bated breath which would enable me to win top row with  Rs15 , Full house with Rs.32 or bull's eye with Rs.17.The  number remained elusive ,it was never called  but no hard feelings.......neither for 'not winning' nor for being roped into one such party.

Nope ! I did not even complain when income tax department picked up my name by computerised lottery  for  random scrutiny and I had to visit the office thrice in three consecutive vacations I  suffered  enjoyed in India . I did not grudge  frequenting banks for this paper , that account details , this documentary proof and the Income details which in the end were found measly and satisfactory by I Tax department.

Despite being in each others good books , at least I had stopped bothering about your presence .
I did not care if you shadowed me or left me.

But , very recently I had another experience of you still hanging around me and generously sprinkling 'good luck' my way. It was one fine morning when I received a phone call from some 'Sansthan' from Banaras telling me that my mobile number has been chosen as lucky number and I will be sent an EKMUKHI RUDRAKSH very soon free of charge .I just had to listen to the sermon of how I was so lucky among 3000,000 people whose number was  picked up by  the lottery and how I was going to get benefitted by it . This  Ekmukhi Rudraksh is a wonderful free gift which would ensure that I get to buy a house next to Ambani's Antilla House , I will have 24X7 water running in that house ,my neighbour's dog will suffer from schizophrenia and will have hallucinations and would slip into acute depression and eventually stop barking  at us , my kid will give up the idea of a tattoo of a pirate  on his bicep ,I will suddenly develop a wonderful aesthetic sense and start neatening the house with passion and so on and so forth.

Dear lady , Of course it was infinitely kind of you to throw this windfall my way but you see, I had to decline this offer because the Ekmukhi Rudraksh was not  available in either purple with pink polka dotts or green with white stripes and any other colour scheme would not match with my favourite ,latest ensemble .

I would  have  rather preffered    you once in a while upgrading my economy class air ticket into business class or ensure a free gift of Blackberry on a scratch card on purchase of grocery worth Rs.1000 from the nearest mall. Anyway! its your call young lady and I definitely do not want to dictate the terms .
For , with you or without you - I am doing great .
I can smell the wet earth and experience  a pleasant feeling   in my head.
I can hear a cuckoo sing and it makes me  smile in my heart.
I can see an array of Gulmohor (flame of the forest) with dark orange mixed with crimson red and just be spellbound .
I see  a bulbul  perching on the roof of a newly constructed house with the air of a rightful owner and believe me that's what I feel is lucky.
Just yesterday I heard a Swift cry ,hauntingly beautiful as it was about to have pittar patter of rain drops and it made me nostalgic. Now that's what I call is being lucky.
Lady , as long as I have people around to love me unconditionally , hold my hands and smile at me and accept me with all my follies -I don't really care a hoot if you are hanging around or not .
Now , it may sound rude but that is the truth.
So , keep in touch if you want .
yours truthfully

PS- please feel free to shower your bounty of emails to people telling them they have won a lottery , they have won a gold coin  or a dinner  date with Katrina. At least I will not fall for it.

My very own Gulmohors............