Monday, November 3, 2014

About kissing , dissing and hissing .

Instead of feeling enraged I am somehow feeling amused to hear the news that police of state and moral police together did not let KISS day happen in Kerala.
 One can not blame  my misplaced feelings because ,I have learnt to find my entertainment to survive in the   society paranoid of   vulnerability of traditions.
Today you allow these morally bankrupt people to kiss in public ,tomorrow there will be a kiss fest on roads.
Its one thing to  allow  pissing , spitting   or littering  on roads , but  allowing kissing   is totally unacceptable   because , kissing on road  is against our culture  while pissing ,spitting and littering  is not.
Who will  more importantly ,manage the crowd of bystanders   voyeuristically watching the assassination  of   great Indian culture of 5000 years  , which is interestingly inclusive  of  rape culture but  bars the kissing culture, by the hands of two  random stupid youngsters hign on   oxytocin?

 When Amir khan  in 3 Idiots was baffled if nose comes in between while kissing ,he was not asking merely about the mundane protruding inhaling device on his face .It was a huge sociological question he was delving into, whether   kissing  is  a private matter between the two consenting adults  or we as a Indian society  poke the nose to desist the kissing on road as a tradition .

 The message from Kashmir to Kerala is unequivocally  loud and clear by all religious,  moral, social police that one can not get   kozi  cosy in this country in public.
As a couple one   can walk together, eat together, dine together , laugh together  but ............ Kozhiiing together  No!!!!. finally there is a limit to which adults can be given freedom, consensual is not so important , potentially sensual for others is .
When BJP youth wing,  Shivsena and some  muslim religious group decide to come together for a cause the youth desirous of kissing, as  responsible citizens of the country,should not  attempt to KISS in public spaces  for the following  reasons;
ONE- these groups coming together is a hallmark of religious integration and it should be honored and respected by obeying to their whims  wishes and see it as a beacon  of hope for  communal harmony to prevail in the country. In fact a nation wide movement should be set in motion to commemorate second November  as a  AKCHOO day i.e. Anti Kissing Communal Harmony Observing Occasion.

TWO, we are a nation of extreme complexities . We can not just condone anything which calls out for Keeping It Simple Silly or the more popular acronym KISS. We are a nation where we are NOT OK with public display of affection between youngsters . We pretend that two strangers  meet with the intervention of  parents , parents have some give and take of dowry  , the  two dancing clans eat ,merry and bicker and exactly after nine months these not so strangers by now, produce a  proof of their asexual union without so much as kissing. PDA is  definitely  not in our culture ,its an affliction from west and kissing has absolutely no part to play in our lives.

Let the smooching be limited to Karan Johar movies and let  the Imran Hashmis of  Bollywood pull it off without being worried about causing a threat to Indian culture, let the Crores of moolah be spent in  making and selling  synthetic kisses but we can not let an original one get by without some   serious protests because it is not a delicate act of  lips brushing someone's object of affection on head ,cheeks........ ,  it is  a horrendous act of having the potential to annihilate the  entire Indian culture  in one single brush.

Speaking of protests of kiss of love ..........of course the moral keepers have a right to thrash all these protesting and agitating kissers because if they are kissing just for the sake of protest ,it's not very difficult to imagine what would they do if they decide to  sit on Dharana or some serious agitation.

when culture is at a stake , one can not argue or tell logic to its protectors. Finally one has  to choose between  forgoing a kiss of passion  or embracing a  kiss of death.