Saturday, January 9, 2010

Humanity dies at the road of Thirunelveli

It shook my faith in humanity. scores of people ; two ministers of Tamilnadu Government ,one of sports and the other of health ; a collector and a convoy befitting minister's visit play bystanders to a dying cop on the road.
What a shame! we let a man die on the road when he is pleading and begging for help. His helpless hand raised and fell down. Why didn't anybody's human impulse force them to hug the dying man and tell him "dont worry , we are here" . The ministers were sitting pretty in their white sarkari cars clad in their white shirt and lungi.the cost of laundry of their white dress was worth more than the life of a policeman.
The criminals who chopped the legs of the policeman are caught but what about the politicians who allowed this man to die ? Ok ,forget the politicians , they are proven rascals but the common man ...? why did not any of the people around come to the rescue of a dying man or forced the ministers to transport him in their cars .
I just could not help wondering what must be the last thoughts of the dying man ?
I am sure he must be regretting to have opted to be a policeman to make the lives of people secure and , worried that if he was allowed to die on the road uncared for , who would care for his family after his death?

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