Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's raining !

The weather was today ‘poetry in motion’. The pregnant sky  with dusky clouds made   everything around look  darkly  silhouetted  .The light dimmed and cool breeze replaced the humid weather which was prevailing for a long time now.  The sky   somehow looked   overwhelmed despite the wafting of mischievous dark  clouds who were unwilling to give away their intentions of showering. The clouds ,for the larger part of the afternoon  played ‘catch me if you can’ and evoked a paranoia although it must have been hard for them  to shun the collective prayers of all the parched  souls .When it became difficult for them to keep a straight face ,seeing the people looking at sky in askance ,the clouds finally decided to pour.

The birds  scurried around , some poised ones like pigeons took refuge in the shades of building tops while some boisterous  ones excitedly flew around. There were several  pairs of Drongos which sat on the electric cables communicating and committing their love to each other that monsoon felt like a perfect season to fall in love . With all due respect to  Meteorological guys and their calculations ,I strongly feel that birds  are the true harbingers of rains.

The clouds first warmed up ,took a slow motioned route to downpour and started a rhythmic pitter patter .  Eventually  they caught the right mood and finally  decided  not  to withhold and  just let their hair down . Thunderclaps  joined the  gang of clouds and caused raucous intermittently.

The trees  swayed with the tempo of flowing cool breeze , the fresh air seemed to be cantering on a nimble horse who  penetrated everywhere. It stormed into trees , oscillating the flowers gently , buzzing into my ears ,ruffling the hair  yet not able to intimidate  the  kids cycling all around the roads.

The downpour and breeze mixed up together and made an amazing elixir which soothed all the matter around, whether animated or otherwise. The occasional sprays which I was exposed to standing near the  mesh door felt  so irresistible and inviting that Pax (kid#2) and I decided to just splash ourselves  into rain.

We took out our scooter and  made a dash  .The heavy rain drops felt soothing as well as prodding  on the body. The wetness in our hair comforted the sweat laden hair .I couldn’t have had enough of nippiness. The sound of gushing water on the road was music to ears ,it kind of whispered reassuringly, bringing a gentle uplift in the mood. We sang  as we  romanticized the rain .Undeterred by the splashing water because of scooter and other vehicles , we just challenged the rain drops and braved them on our face.

The weather was a perfect ‘kidnap worthy’ one i.e. take a friend of your choice , kidnap him /her and just go dashing , soaking in the rain .Now it should  be as easy as taking a candy from a baby ,is it not? But , do we ever  do it ? The answer is – unequivocally NO. It’s a pity that we let  such fine weather go waste sitting at home. If next time  rain invites you , I urge you to go out , kidnap a friend or better still get kidnapped  and drench yourself to the heart’s content.

Did you say , I am  waxing lyrical ? well yes , I am. But   doesn’t  so the rain God in Monsoon?


  1. Hi Kirti, glad to see you back blogging. I loved your post and it was so very well written. I love the rain too and it deserves someone waxing lyrical about it. Well done!

    1. Hey Lilly , Thank you so much for appreciating the post.
      It's a rainy season here in central India.Albeit 3 weeks late , the monsoon has been very generous this time and I am enjoying the rains .
      there's so much which depends upon good rains . Being in agriculture economy good rain and good crop are directly related in addition to drinking water problem many people of rural india face due to paucity of rains and walk 3-4 km everyday to collect potable water in summers.

  2. Lyrical :) I wish it would rain here. Perhaps, reading from you will make it. Today. Oh, God! Puhhleeaaase :)

    1. Yeah lyrical ,rain always does that to me:).
      Amen! to your wish .
      Thanks for coming here.