Friday, April 2, 2010

Sania's wedding and my woes

I have been worried about Sonia Mirza eversince she has distributed Boxes of Mithais to the newswallas and announced her intent to get married to Shoaib Malik . She has  also made it clear that she is not making any political statement by getting married . Yeah ,ofcourse ! we are not  so naive to think that her marrying a Pakistani cricketer is anything  akin to "Aman ki asha " . Infact even if the entire cricket team of Pakistan gets married, irrespective of their previous marriage resume',to the  women's wrestling team of India ( please  do not read it as a  malafied intention against Pakistani cricket team , the  harmless suggestion of  women's wrestling team was made for the want of sufficient number of eligible marriagable  women tennis players in India ) there will not be an iota of change in the India pakistan  relations.
Infact , the very expectation of this marriage patching up tensed Indo Pak relations is like expecting  Zandu Balm to cure the third stage cancer in the body. Right now , the mood of both the nations is not to have any diplomatic dialogue  , ofcourse other than our Foreign minister Mr.  S.M. Krishna and home minister Mr. P. Chidambaram.Even   Pakistani  foreign minister Mr.Shah Mahmood Qureshi  said "I am  not interested in any photo op with Indian Foreign ministry  " .In  the prevalent cynical mood of both the countries , this ensuing Nikah should have brought about  some kind of mood elation  if not  exactly euphoria  but unfortunately , so far what all it has  brought  about is  only  skeletons from the cupboard.
It's neither the fact that she is getting married to a pakistani nor whether she will play for India or Pakistan  that I am worried  about( Given, her performance of last 2 years  , I don't think India will lose too much or Pakistan will gain too much  whether she palys from here or there).  But ,I would have been equally worried about her happiness , had she been marrying someone from Burkinafaso and her wedding reception had not been in Lahore but Ugadaodao  because  of the kind of  signals we are getting  from her Inlaws family .My gut feeling says "all  eez not well".How can be I be sanguine when .....
Her brother in law says that "she is allowed to play after marriage" and
 her mother in law says "I do not like her skimpy clothes and her mingling with other guys". 
You see , If I had  to be allowed by my brother in law to do something which I have been doing all along or my mother in law were  to attend my wedding with a black band on her arm , I would have thought twice before getting married .
The innocent Sania declared that she would continue to support India in a cricket match and would cheer her husband when he will play for his country . I find an innate problem in this seemingly simple solution that
Sania will  find win win situation in a India pakistan cricket  match only when - her husband plays very well and despite that India wins . Now, this  match dynamics is very precarious and finding happiness  while watching cricket seems to be in doldrums to me.
If Ayesha (Shoiab's ex ) has to be believed , she told the media that he kept telling her that he was embrassed of her being fat and insisted on her losing  weight and attain 58 kg mark . Boy, this expectation is so completely outrageous ! I am worried about Sania as the   upper limit of her weight has already been fixed and whether she would be able to do this tight rope walk and will remain well within her prescribed limits?
With my experience of being married for nearly 18 years ,I want to tell Sania what I tell to all my cousins and nieces and nephews that -
Too many expectations can mar the bliss of a marriage  .          
It's better to have your expectations according to your spouse than to have your spouse according to your expectations.        


  1. goos post! Hope they break up. how could she be such a fool!

  2. good post.... why does she go to pakistan?? We want her to play for india and this marriage may come in way of that... there are so many young people in INDIA who she can loo to

  3. This being 'allowed' is something I hate to hear. Of course I have had personal experience of being 'allowed' to wear something or go somewhere or do something. It makes me mad just to hear the way it is said... as if those that have 'allowed' you are the picture of magnanimity and generosity where as all that's happening is that you are just being what you are entitled to be - YOU!
    Well, reading this I am worried for Sania too!!!

  4. @arunima,
    true! she proved to be a fool in the whole picture.
    @ganapati, thanx.
    @Shail, yeah , this' allowed' business is a big hypocrisy . Even I get ticked by it.

  5. Hasnt it already been established that he was already married? I think this is not a good start to any wedding. Interesting days ahead. Of course given I live in Australia cricket players interest me too. I think it will be tough for her by the sounds of things.

  6. Hi lilly,
    thanks for coming here. I have been a huge fan of your writing and humour and its a real honour to have you here.
    you are right that it was a bad start for a wedding but I guess, celebs in India dont have to live by common sense.

  7. While typing these comments I am still laughing at your hilarious post. Earlier it was so difficult for us to keep track of Sania's BSE like fluctuating ranking and now to keep record of the numbers of marriages/pacts of Sania and Shoaib. On the serious note, though I think this marriage is entirely private affair of these two, I still think this is not a perfect match. As both persons are from totally different background. I can’t say much about 'Jehadi Malik'( but surely Sania is going to miss the liberty she has enjoyed in India.

    Beautifully crafted post, I enjoyed it! Keep writing!

  8. Thank you Praney ! I am glad you liked this post.your comment made my day .
    Now I am off to read your post about Jehadi malik.
    keep visiting here.