Friday, April 23, 2010

Lord God made them all !

Lord God was  definitely not feeling  at his best  when He decided to make these people .Infact if you allow me to be more vehement , it all happened when  God was actually in one of his foulest moods that He looked  from the sky  on the Earth , saw too much of love , happiness in abundance and cheerfulness all pervasive and , finding it a bit too cloying for his liking that He decided to cut up these people whom  I call CUT ie Constantly Unhappy Types   .God went to the lab , mixed a few potions some of which were lying unused there for  a long time ,concocted a formula ,injected it into his first prototype and  went upon testing it.
Just when  the  God was still taking readings, the first CUT complained "but God , why  the rainbow here doesn't have very defined colours? See , the blue and indigo are all mixed up".I reckon , this must be the first official complaint  registered by anybody to the GOD's good office  .Ever since , generations and generations  of these CUT are on their job of  wailing , complaining , cussing , whining , getting annoyed and irritated..........and all with  great gusto and fervor.
 These people are most unhappy to be happy . All  they want from life is unhappiness and  when they find it ,and they do find it, they are the most happily unhappy people .
When they receive a love letter , they are upset because the paper was dog eared .
when they are on their  honeymoon , they sulk about not getting a window seat  in flight.
When  their wife cooks excellent food , they are unhappy that she doesn't know French .
When people  congratulate them about owning a good house, they think of their neighbour's unkempt lawns and  how it detracts the beauty of their house and get annoyed.
When they present their wife a blue dress and a red dress , and she chooses to wear one of them to please the husband , The CUT husband promptly gets annoyed that she didn't like the other one.
when their grand children visit them , instead of enjoying their company such people are anxious that kids will leave the lights and Ac's on and  taps half closed .
while it could be a subject of research for the social scientists and even pschycologists to find the reason behind the obsession for  perpetual unhappiness ,I feel and strongly so, that  the CUT are scared of being happy .By making other people responsible for their unhappiness they play a victim .They seek attention by complaining and sulking  and would  feel insecured if they had to  admit that their unhappiness was their matter and others had nothing to do with it .This  would not only deprive them of   extra attention but also of an excuse for the failures.
The CUT also characteristically feel that their voice be taken as a Voice of Customer which  means every grievance be  validated and  action be taken .Whether  they speak in an active voice like "I told you and you didn't pay heed......" or in a passive voice like "this job should have been done by you ....." ; they can always be trusted  for being grumpy and complaining .
There is  a point to be noted here that CUT and the normal ( I do not have another better collective  noun for non CUT)people have only one thing in common ie the CUT look forward to complaints from others as much as non CUT do.
Here , I may sound like and also I intend to , that I am making it appear as if I am referring to men only when I am talking of CUT . In India , I have seen more men being CUT than women .
One of my friend's SIL who is a Pschyciatrists in US came to visit my friend in India, after about 10 years .Observing the men , their temper tantrums and demand for attention from family ,
She  went on exclaiming  to  my friend  throughout  her stay in India about every second man including her brother  there "I tell you -this man needs help".My friend explained to her that "while Americans are being overly sensitive about their people's emotional health ,they try to help these people ,they call them -people suffering from anger management issues , low self esteem issues and stuff like that but we Indian women very insensitively bundle these guys up in a single bracket and label them as men !. we don't seek treat ment for them , we have the remedy passed on to us by our mothers and that is -just bear and grin" .
I see all around  these CUT making life miserable for  the ones who try to remain cheerful and happy .The strength of Indian families lies with these cheerful and happy people .
The CUT continue to be standing at the centre of  the locus of their unhappiness yet imagine all others around them the cause of their murky mood . I know that happy ones have only two choices -1)( the traditional one )Bear and grin  and bear more and grin more     OR  2) to  stop making an  illusive attempt to make someone happy who is so commited to be unhappy.

PS- Mom, I hope you are not reading this.


  1. Agree totally. Piercing observations.

  2. "Indian women very insensitively bundle these guys up in a single bracket and label them as men!"
    Hahahaha! I was laughing while reading this. I know its not funny, but still it is so true!!!!! CUT, what an apt name. :)))))

  3. Ahhh the dukhi aatmas! Pretend they do not exist, tune them out and life is fine! I swear, I become deaf around one of this tribe

  4. Thank you , blue bird and welcome here.

  5. Shail, what can't be cured has to be endured (with a smile or a laugh) , so even I laugh on men for being men!(my house men to women ratio is 3:1).

  6. ritu,
    thank you so much for visiting here. I visited your blog and got hooked to it instantly :).
    Yeah , the dukhi atmas , I am learning to tune them out .