Monday, March 8, 2010

A thought (full )of gifts

 I am loved abundantly , infact disproportionately , that's the  reason I always get flooded with gifts. Even those gifts  ,which I do not want .
I am gifted so many lipsticks  by one of my cousins , over and over,  for many years  that  I can easily cover the entire China wall with graffiti  with   these lipsticks.
I have a whole lot of decorative candles in  store that  will suffice  entire Delhi to light up in case of a  grid failure .
I even have bags and purses of various shapes and sizes , one of them is a bamboo weaved hand bag which cannot hold more than a folded news paper but can be an excellent penetrating device specially handy while travelling in a crowded bus.
A well meaning friend of mine gifted me with floating candles"these will decoarte the dinner table when you have a party at home"she said. Little does she know that when I have a party at home , I can barely find time to decorate myself  in  the time available  between massive cooking and arrival of first guest . Dinner table  would stand poor second  here. Anyway, I thanked her and  put this floating population of candles along with the permanent resident ones.
I have  about half  a dozen bangle boxes  which I got as a gift in my wedding  . Some practical and forsighted people had  already  invisaged that soon I would be yearning  for  many hands like Durga devi to  churn  out the lunches , dinners, fold clothes, roll chapatis ........and in case my wishes were granted , these bangle boxes would  accomodate the extra bangles which I would need to wear in those supplementary hands.
I even have a whole lot of cookery books  as gifts.Soon after marriage when  I would have  preffered being invited  for dinners rather than cooking  them,I only had these books to  fend for myself.Obviously there were some  people  with  fishy intentions among the invitees, who thought it better to teach me to fish rather than providing me with one. How I wish , reading receipes could make our stomachs fill.
And did I mention about the volume of crockery I have got which is sufficient to handle  atleast a double century of fights  between me and my husband just in case we fell short of  words.
In case you are inclined to jump on a conclusion that I am complaining about receiving these not so useful gifts , No! not at all. I loved to receive all these gifts because they all convey the same meaning to me that I am loved , remembered and cared for. Its only the utilitarion me who keeps wondering what to do with these gifts.
 I am a person very easy to go with. I did not mind it when my husband went to Hyderabad and, on my threatening him not to come  back empty handed, bought me a very expensive set of "Bombay Dying "bed sheets.I am not so insensitive to not to understand that it's  the feeling and thought behind it which is so important and not the gift per se.  Ofcourse I would have  been equally pleased if he had bought me pearls  instead , but Bombay Dying bed sheets were also fine with me.
Next time , he bought me pearls(from Amritsar)  but that's  an entirely different story and his personal matter , my fighting and sulking about the colour of bedsheets has nothing to do with it. Afterall every husband gets smart with the passage of time , right ?


  1. my hubby doesn't buy me anything. I go and sleect and force him to pay. I wouldn't mind your bags and candles :-)

  2. Give him some time, he will learn it and if he doesnot learn , feel free to threaten him (the way i did) and be prepared to get Made in India Cotton shirts from US :-P

  3. Well nice post....
    i dont know much about these husband wife gifts... my dad gets somthing for my mother though every time he is on a trip.. and i force him to get something for me too...
    all said gifts are a way to keep a memory of the people we love and care for

  4. Ganapati,
    You are right , gifts do convey love and care.
    We all have to use some force, some time to extract gifts :)

  5. Hahaha! Yes of course they learn and get smarter with time! ;) But I'd rather choose my own saris and dress materials. Errr... time hasn't improved his choice :P