Saturday, October 15, 2011

Karwa chouth

Heey girlz!!! Wishing you a happy ‘karwa chouth’ today . I hope you all are fasting today , nirjala one otherwise the impact will be lost on God. If we fast without taking even water then we qualify in the ‘creamy layer’ of Godji’s list to be granted the supreme wish of ‘ getting the same husband in next 7 births’ . And God forbid , if you don’t fast today , you seriously run the risk of getting a super cool , romantic , non critical husband in your next birth and then ………… will have to learn to adjust with him all over again .

Booking the same husband for next 7 births is such a convenient idea from our parent’s point of view . They need not search very hard a husband for their daughter, bait the guy with Alto , BMW or i10 , bribe Mom in law with gold because you see, its all lined up from the previous birth .All we have to do is not eat for one day , not drink any drinks whether soft , hard , wine , beer (  including  water) and just buy a cheap plastic colander of any size to see the husband in the night once moon shows up on a beautiful sky .

For uninitiated ones , there is a ready help available on the movie Hum DIL De Chuke Sanam about what to do once husband is back from work and moon is back in business of awarding the project completion certificates . If you are old fashioned better watch Maine pyar kiya for reference and enjoy on screen help on how to do karwa chouth (KC)with full verve and follow the complete procedure but, let me caution you ahead that MPK being the older version of the two has a detailed procedure to follow and the knowledge of singing and dancing Bollywood numbers is an essential prerequisite here otherwise the spirit of KC will be lost. Call neighbours , cook huge amount of food , dance and jive away to glory .

I hope you remember the movie’DDLJ’ , even in this movie KC is shown to be observed and the female protagonist shows to the girls who are in love with one guy and engaged to be married to another ,a trick to dodge the final colander ceremony . This part of movie is particularly helpful to the girls of Hariyana falling under Khap syndicate .

‘K C’ is an idea which has women emancipation in its core . Only women have the previledge to book their husband for next seven births and the KC fast cannot be undone by any other equivalent fast by men. Poor husband is at the receiving end in this matter . I remember my previous neighbor who used to shunt her husband to market just to buy green chillies ( according to her dal cannot be made without chillies) , would make him hop and jump so that floor could be mopped clean , would take appointment with beautician before a ‘ KC’ and poor husband always said ‘ oh Dear ! please don’t make dal if chillies are not there I will eat rice with coke ‘ or ‘ Please let me sleep the whole morning until the house is cleaned up to your satisfaction’ but the  fastidious wife would just ignore his pleas . Now on the KC day she used to shunt him on the terrace every year atleast 10 times to look for moon and give the confirmation so that she would also go on terrace for ‘colander ceremony’. Now , do you think the man had a choice in this matter to ask for a different wife in next janam …….No ! because fast precluded this option . Now all he could hope was that next janam they both would be black widow spiders and asa their marriage consummates , she would kill him .

In some parts of our country , on KC day wives are given gift , a saree or a jewelry post KC fast . This concept of buying a gift for wife is a very  pure idea in which a very fair deal is struck between the spouses . women keep fast on just one day , deck up for their husband , serve them hand and foot ,suffer the unreasonable parents in law in just one life and in exchange receive a gift worth thousands of rupees every year in next 7 lives. Isn’t the secret of a happy married life lies in being fair with each other.

So , gals if you are not fasting ………………………the risk of getting an altogether sweet supportive husband in your next birth lies with you . Later on don’t blame that nobody told you about the adage  "A known devil is better than an unknown friend".

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