Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day special

The Valentine’s Day seems to be an auspicious day to return to my blog. Not that I was staying away altogether , in fact I was regularly reading the blogs which I follow, but was somehow too preoccupied to think of writing my own .

So here I am logically inferring that love is not the labour lost after all .

A utilitarian person that I am , my husband has a hard time pleasing me . he knows I do not fancy too many dresses and accessories, roses are not for me , neither are diamonds for that matter .

What to buy me has always been a question which intrigues him on  occasions which traditionally demand from a husband to shower some gift on his wife .

Now , it may apparently seem like a very welcome situation to some husbands , but trust me , its not . To keep me pleased and in good humour , he has to be good to me all the time ( that’s the catch) and not just one day but all 365 days a year . My poor man does not have the luxury to say anything unkind or harsh to me and make it up by roses . he has to be constantly nice to me . Isn’t it challenging?

So here I am professing my love to my valentine: “darling husband , I love you from the bottom of my heart . You are too sweet and nice to me ,although I may be a bit trying for your temperament at times ”

Since I believe in man woman equality , one may very well ask what is it that you gift to your husband on Valentine’s day ? and my answer is – He is a very undemanding person , so a bit of lip service is all that he is contend with .

So , here’s me wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s day .
May you all get your spouse’s credit card and his /her undivided attention on this day , and always.

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