Sunday, February 7, 2010

An open letter to SRK

I have decided to write about SRK. The poor unprudent loud mouth.He got himself into trouble once again.Appearantly Shiv sena does not beleive in "love thy neighbour "kind of balderdash.nor does it believe in "offer the other cheek" philosophy which means its Ok for our paki neighbours to do booming at another 5 * Hotel.

Dear SRK
Although you appeared totally sane, sensible and rational while you spoke about IPL and team selection , I would have respected you for saying that about any other country but- PAKIS? Man , we need to build up a public opinion within us first that Pakistan needs to be isolated from the world , from India in the least, so that they feel the need to mend their ways.

Their government should be subjected to public pressure by their own people to stop terrorism,and how do we do that ?-by putting pressure on common people there ,by severing the ties with them.Even if we know that common man in pakistan does not buy bombs from grocery stores or keep AK47 in his garage ,common man does nothing to stop it either.the public pressure will build up only when the public will feel the need to do it.

we are not faking their currency, we are not bombing their cities, we are not doing a propoganda against them the way they do on their government channel against India.(I get to see a lot of Pakistani channels here and I have seen how PTV shows documentaries regularly about Kashmir and claims that indian army is doing atrocities on kashmiri people)
we are being nice to them but being extra nice is just totally uncalled for.

Dear SRK,the Pakistani Government's stand on Taliban is divided.Self styled intellectuals like Imran Khan and many other politicians say that there are good Talibans and bad Talibans.( which implies ,Good talibans are those who do bombing outside pakistan and bad ones do within their own country). Pak Government claims that they cannot gurantee that there would not be another 26/11 in India because it is done by non state actors. This is like a notorious parent allowing their kids to do mischief at neighbour's house and what are neighbour's to do ? -the answer is , stop inviting these kids at Birthday party , the good ones as well as bad ones.
let Good kids teach the bad ones to behave.

Media is going gaga over your aboveboard stand about Pakistan because its the Shivsena on the other side of the fence and whose danda , hooliganism and threat politics is something media has always wanted to oppose .But this time for once shivsena seems to be on the right side.

Shahrukh khan is hurt that he needs to prove his patriotism , but its Ok to exhibit patriotism. . Infact we all should sing national anthem loudly,paint indian flag on face during matches ,attend 15 aug and 26 jan celebrations ,campaign for national causes.Patriotism is not a love affair to keep secret about, its meant to be exhibited and to encourage others to do so. with your kind of fan following, there is a lot you can do by speaking responsibly rather than having hundreds of police men of Mumbai to guard the 63 cinema halls.

Dear Shaharukh , tell me the truth ,Do you really think soooo much about Pakistan or is it the huge audience you have there which makes you say what you say ?
and BTW , your interview with Barakha Dutt on NDTV was very entertaining. you took 95% of the screen space and went on bla bla bla.....dishing out your raw thoughts in animated way .
Have you ever wondered how Pakistani people must be laughing away to glory to see so many Indian supporters who beleive with you that Pakistan is a great neighbour.
SRKji, you need help , you are suffering from foot into mouth disease. I think Vipshyana will do you real good. I have heard they teach you there to keep quiet for days on .The world will not fall apart if you shut up.
With my sincere wishes to you for your movie "My name is Khan"


  1. Very interesting yet impactful piece Kirti.

    It hurts to see SRK taking sides with Pakistan.

    True,SRK blundered on the issue.

    Just wonder where was this SRK when there happened 26/11?

    Now so much love for his neighbouring country Pakistan but what happened to his neighbours in the city last 26/11, did he really bother? It perhaps didn't suit his commercial interest to make statement then!

    Pakistan must be a great country...why not...there are so many Indians here who admire it so much on the cost of their own country...and SRK leading them ...

    Such a conditional/hidden/divided nationalism -SRK brand-still in fashion in this world where Japanese,Koreans,Chinese have taken this great feeling of loyality to unparallel heights by putting their country above everything in this it self image, commercial gains, life ... family ...generations...what not?

  2. LOvely post! cant thank you enough! I was fed up of those pseudo secular bloggers who think that sympoathising with Pakistan is an elitist thing..I rue the way shiv sena ruined the impact by behaving in a undemoratic way..I am going to link your post on my blog

  3. Thank you Renu,
    I am glad that there are people who think about nationalism the way I think.
    Neighbourhood nationalism on the name of rationalism is highly unacceptable.

  4. I slightly disagree here. All the actor did was speak for Pakistan Cricketers' selection into the IPL. Shouldn't we keep sports, arts, music and entertainment away from politics? Are all Pakistanis terrorists? Aren't there terrorists in India? Isn't it our fault to some extent that we can't stop terrorist attacks in our country?
    These are some things we need to ponder upon before holding(or pointing fingers at) any country/person/force responsible for what's happening.

  5. @ Destiny's child,
    I have already acknowledged that not all pakistanis are terrorist but unless those who are not are isolated by diplomacy , their Govt would not feel the pinch .In no country 100% people are terrorists but when others give them a tacit support or do nothing about it , the brand image builds.
    Arts and culture and sports are to be kept seperate is a very good philosophy but not in the case of a country where its government lacks the will power to take action against terrorism and takes shifting stand about it .

    we are at fault to not to stop infilteration but it does not give them a right to attack in our country.

    Regarding SRK's remark , Pakistan is world's best cricket team went well with me but I am upset that he categorically called it a great nation.If you carefully follow the statements their leaders are making about India you would not find them palatable and let me assure you that nobody comes out on road there in our support.
    I feel we should make a consensus and severe the ties with them until they show the sincere effort in curbing terrorism.

  6. Hi Kirti, First time at your blog, loved this post! I completely second that people with mass following like Shahrukh ought to speak responsibly as they create / influence opinions of lots of people out there.

  7. Thank you Niedhie. welcome here.
    Thats the point.why should he bother to please pakisatni people when he knows that terrorism from their ground is directly aimed at us.

  8. Very well said Kirti.

    There will never be a day when 100% population of a country will do certain great act or inhuman act... to be defined as friendly or hostile nation. SRK & alikes believe that until last pakistani does show his knife & intention, our neighbours should be continued to be rated only as a great nation.
    It's the govt which creates diplomatic trouble or at least insults (like China did with Indian Kashmiries with Chinese visas or Pakistan does bt making statements on Kashmir or Gujrat in international forums).It's the terrorist who attck our cities with bomb blasts'day in day out.It's the army which does Cargil.That's how you start calling a country friendly nation or enemy.People of no country do anything against another country by SRK definition they will always be innocent & great.

    Stupid the point is all these above elements of a country come from that population , and if that population does not demonstarte opposition to thei govt, Armies & terrorist/extreme organisations & control them or punish them, then the people of that country, or entire nation is to be blamed.And we are not talking a period which is a few years.This is going on for 60 years.3 wars ...and unlimited surgical strikes at borders or inside cities.
    India is an unfortunate country to have Pakistan as neighbour.I feel we are more unfortunate as a country to have peole like SRK & his followers who get impressed by his dumb tricks & verbal deluge of high volume and low IQ & EQ.
    Having lived in that part of the world & close friends from there, i can say ,if you look at the nationalism of Japanese, Koreans,Chinese & alikes ...their unity, intensity & love for their own country and no explicit praise for others. Of course, they even never criticise others baselessly.(they treat loyality to nation as an ultimate exclusive feeling above self, family,"sect""& generations.At the most they will say something in one-to-one forum in complete calculations but never in public forums or international forums)you will know we lack it.We are a nation in experimental stage.

    Pakistan has been waging war against India for last 60 years, and a just a few million indians feel opposed to it.Majority are neutral or indiffent but there are considerable no. of people with ïntellect who treat Pakistan as a great neighbour or so.

    We have to go a long way before each of us can sing national anthem full length, clear pronounciation with head high...and tears in eyes.!

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